Building Process




How We Build




We start with an elevated foundation so water or moisture coming off the home drains away from it. ICF (Insulated concrete forms) are used to build the foundation. The flooring is 3/4″ thick tongue and groove flooring. It has a 50 year warranty and is glued and nailed down with ring shank nails creating a silent floor system. The 12″ thick exterior walls are actually two-2×4 walls framed with a space between them. This 12″ deep cavity is filled with R-38 insulation. The exterior and roof are covered with 5/8″ thick CDX exterior grade plywood (not OSB). This ties all the exterior walls together and really strengthens the house. The exterior of the house is then covered with Tyvek (air and moisture barrier). This allows moisture that builds up inside the home to escape but keeps air and moisture out. Our floors also contain 12″ thick insulation. This floor insulation really makes the home more comfortable during the winter. We insulate around the hot and cold water pipes under the home to keep them from freezing and for energy efficiency. High efficiency doors and windows are installed and sealed with insulation and ice and water tape around the edges. All air penetrations and plumbing and electrical penetrations are sealed before insulation. These are all elements of our quality, well built, energy efficient homes. Siding, exterior trim and decks make it beautiful.
We do most of the work ourselves in house. That way we’re able to control the timing and quality of our homes. We’re not dependent on other workers schedules to get the work done. We typically sub out plumbing, electrical and heating. The plumber and electrician have to be licensed contractors here in the state of Colorado.



Turn Key Construction


Dirt work to decorating. We include all site work, driveway, foundation, floor and window coverings, plumbing and electrical fixtures and all the kitchen appliances. We even include real redwood or Trex low maintenance decks with our standard home plans. We handle all permits, fees and property owners association approvals for our clients. All you have to do is pick the colors and finishes inside and out and we handle the rest. Our fully trained staff is here to assist you with all your decorating needs. Ask any bank or lender in town, we get it done on time and don’t go over budget (unless our clients want to). We’re a hassle free experience for everyone involved.





All Plans Included




We include a full set of plans with all of our Home Packages (minimum 1500 sq. ft.) so you won’t have to hire an architect or draftsman if you choose to build with us.
Most clients choose a standard plan and modify or change it to fit their needs. We allow them to enlarge the living space or garage, move some of the interior walls around to make rooms bigger or smaller, add or move doors and windows or change the outside trim design. As long as the home stays the basic shape or layout we can keep it one of our standard packages. If the standard plans won’t work for you, we can use your plan or help you design one. A full set of plans is included in our sq. ft. price for every custom home.



3 Year Warranty




If you choose the standard items we offer with our home packages, we’ll warranty everything for 3 years. Appliances and fixtures carry their own manufacturer’s warranty. Most builders offer only a 1 year warranty (required by law).
We are so confident in the type of materials we use and the way we build our homes that we are willing to stand behind it for 3 years. A lot of the products we use (siding, windows, window coverings, plumbing fixtures, door hardware) have manufacturer’s lifetime warranties so they can stand behind their products even longer than we can.



Guaranteed Prices




The #1 reason people love building with Colorado Dream Homes is our guaranteed prices. We give our clients a guaranteed bottom line price for everything before we start construction. When we prepare a quote for our clients it includes the base price of the home, any changes listed line by line so you can see how much each item costs and any offsite costs (utility connections, permits, fees and insurance). You will know what the entire project will cost before we start.



Fully Insured / Labor and Material Releases




We carry a comprehensive liability insurance policy. Every one of our workers is covered under worker’s compensation. All subcontractors provide proof of liability insurance. When we request a draw for payment from our client we provide labor and material releases from our workers and subcontractors so you know everyone’s being paid. If you are not in the area during construction, we send you weekly photos so you can see the progress on your home.